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5:00 p.m. Sundays in Lent, "Dinner Church" Eucharist in Parish Hall
5:30 p.m. Wednesday, Holy Eucharist and Healing

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Calvary Mentioned as Special Spiritual Place

Calvary got mention as a special place of spiritual significance in a recent video produced by Columbia Faith and Values.  You can view the video by clicking here:


Report from Chiapas Mission:

Louanna Furbee sends the following report from her work in Chiapas, Mexico.  Calvary has provided financial support to help congregations in Chiapas to train medical first responders.

     We have a new instructor, Carlos Ballinas, for the first aid classes in Yoj Chib in the Diocese of Southeastern Mexico. The previous lived in a city 4 hours from Yoj Chib, and the travel proved daunting. Carlos Ballinas and his family reside in San Cristobal de Las Casas, which lets him give weekly classes, in comparison to the previous bi-weekly schedule, improving the learning considerably. He and the English teacher, John Romero, travel together each Saturday.

     Carlos Ballinas is a certified EMT and firefighter whose most recent professional employment was in the State of Veracruz where he taught similar classes for the Mexican Red Cross. For us, he has started with a course on “Six Ways to Save a Life,” based on first aid for emergencies that range from broken bones to burns (all too common where food is cooked on open fires) to accidental amputations to raging fevers. In 6 classes he has introduced the whole of the material, but much more review and practice are needed. He has a lovely Socratic manner of presenting this material to the Yoj Chib students, many of whom are not comfortable with obtaining information from written sources. He is also dedicated to using what one has at hand, for example to stabilize and transport a seriously ill or injured patient.  Some of the English students served as models during their recess, which led to a great deal of laughter. On a previous occasion, Carlos and the class performed a house call to attend the wife of one of the students, an unplanned “practicum.” She had been weakened and dehydrated from severe diarrhea. Some may remember her as the woman pictured with the weavings she sent to our St. Nicholas Bazaar. When the class has mastered this module on what is essentially first aid, Carlos will offer a unit on “Midwifery.”  

      The St. Thomas the Apostle Mission in Yoj Chib is growing. This Spring we had 2 baptism days, the first during a February visit of the bishop, The Rt. Rev. Benito Júarez Martinez, and his wife Angelica, and the deacon, Charles Parker. It also coincided with one of 3 visits by small groups from the Diocese of Chicago. The second baptism was conducted by the deacon, whom the parents of the baptized youngsters had chosen to be a godfather.  

      The Southeastern Diocese, like all the Mexican Anglican Church, is in financial crisis, and it is largely due to the Chicago Diocese’s help that St. Thomas is growing. In Chicago’s latest effort, they are seeking a seminarian to serve the Highland Chiapas missions for a year. Calvary’s help is also very much appreciated. We have had 7 fairly consistent attendees to the health classes; 2 persons from a nearby Tseltal town, Tenejapa, are joining this weekend. Health is so fragile in a place like Yoj Chib that training 7 or 9 persons to provide even very basic health services contributes much to community welfare.


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